wheelalignment300Wheel Alignment – Safety for You and Reliability for Your Car

What is wheel alignment? 
When your car was built, the manufacturer went to great detail to align all four wheels to provide stable steering, turning and front-to-rear tracking. These alignments are done in tiny fractions of an inch and, over time, become out of alignment. This can happen when you install new tires, bump a curb, or drive with unbalanced tires. This also occurs over time just by driving the vehicle. When wheels are out of alignment, it doesn’t just make the car handle poorly; it also puts additional stress on a variety of steering components, causing them to wear and require expensive repair in the future. We at Burgun Automotive recommend having an alignment done at least once a year or every 20,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Why use Burgun Automotive? 
We use dedicated equipment and computer technology to align your wheels exactly to manufacturer specifications. That is very important to restore the ride that the manufacturer intended. Further, whereas many shops align just the front wheels, we align all four. We do this because the rear wheels need to accurately track the front wheels and this is especially important for all-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive vehicles. And we charge much less while doing more. Why pay $80 or more for just a two-wheel alignment, when we do all four for much less? Give us a call: (315) 687-6585.

But I just had my tires balanced… 
All the more reason to let us realign your wheels. Many people think that balancing tires is the same as an alignment. Balancing is important, but just balances the tire to the wheel, not the wheel to the vehicle. Alignment puts it all together.

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