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Appointments aren’t mandatory, and we welcome unscheduled drive-ins, but you may experience a long delay if we have other scheduled appointments. Schedule and be sure.
Phone: 315-687-6585 or click here to send email to us

POPULAR SERVICES (Call for prices. My costs have fluctuated widely during this pandemic.)
* Lube, oil and filter change.—
* Rotate and balance tires.—–
* A/C recharge.————–
* Coolant flush.————-
* Free brake check.


  • A.C check, including blowing off condenser.
  • Lube, oil, filter, rotate and balance tires Call for $$$ (price will vary for extra large wheels and some sport wheels)
  • DETAILING special: wash, wax, vacuum, shampoo interior, wash windows, clean and UV-protect dash, degrease engine compartment… (Call for prices. Price may vary for larger vehicles)

Personal Services:
Need a ride home while your car is being serviced? Just let us know when you schedule your appointment and if it’s a local address we’ll take you and pick you up.